day sixty**

11 Oct

** published a few days late because i was in milan and frankly, way too busy eating pasta to think about finding the internet and posting all about the pasta and pizza i was grateful for.

1. my husband will pay 10€ so i can watch a movie

i realize that hotels have to charge for things, i mean, that makes sense. especially movies, as they are “luxury items” or whatever, but 10€? seriously?

we were tired though, and all we wanted to do was lie in our hotel room and watch movies. and my husband, because he’s fantastic, was totally willing to pay because i wanted to watch one. i love him!

2. pasta pomodoro

okay this picture isn’t of the most amazing spaghetti pomodoro that i had the day before, but it was still really good. and beyond that, it was room service. which is so much better than any other type of food. and how much i loved the pomodoro sauce here made me wish i could just buy a whole bunch and also buy another suitcase to carry back as much sauce as i possibly could have.

it’s just delicious.

3. free breakfast buffet

eggs, toast, croissants, juice, water, fruit plates, bacon and sausages for james, and more. breakfast buffets are so good, the best in fact, but they are even better when they are free (or included in the charge of the room).


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