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day twenty five

4 Sep

still sick (just fyi)

1. julie and julia

julie and julia. what more do i have to say. i want to start cooking or something. i really relate to this film because i’m in that exact position. i’ve been dragged to a foreign land by my husband and am desperate for something to do (yet really not wanting to work at the same time). something interesting to do. of course, i couldn’t just copy julie and start cooking because i’m a vegetarian and have never eaten any meat, let alone cooked it or worse, de-boned it… which is ok, but i do hope i come up with something soon. in the meantime, i’ll probably watch this film again. oh, and of course, amy adams is superb, as usual. just love this movie.

2. the british history podcast

i have always had a bit of insomnia – sometimes it’s been horrible, but even on a normal basis, i’m not one of those that can lie down and fall asleep instantly or even easily (like my husband). that is, until we discovered the british history podcast. now, that’s not to say that it isn’t interesting, because it is. and in fact, that’s why we started listening to it. because we’re dweebs like that and like doing crosswords and listening to history podcasts on a sunday morning (or you know, friday night, whatever). but i quickly discovered that i will fall asleep almost in an instant with this podcast and blissfully so. it feels like the happiest, best sleep ever. i should add that the history of rome podcast works as well, but james (being a roman history buff) is really into that one, so he usually listens to it without me.

ross, me, christopher

3. my friend christopher

i am extremely grateful to my dear friend christopher (who was my first ever work friend from when i was fifteen) who just sent me a bunch of wedding photos. a lot of people have sent (or posted) wedding photos, but he had some really good ones of my shoes. no, just kidding. i mean, he did, but beyond that, he had some great shots of people just hanging out, something my photographer unfortunately didn’t capture enough of. so i was so happy to get them and glance through them. and i can’t wait to print them! i’m going to turn into one of those crazy people with photos of my wedding plastered on every surface of my house. sigh. just wait until i have kids. anyway, thanks christopher!

the shoes (i know that's what you really wanted to see)


day five

15 Aug


1. amy adams in enchanted

to be honest, today wasn’t the best day. but luckily, i have this fabulous movie to watch over and over again when i’m down. it is absolutely the perfect film for me – i think it was made for me, really. it didn’t completely make me feel better, but it made me smile and it made me sing and i was still able to laugh at myself. sometimes i’m not really able to do that.

2. grapefruit

ok, this might be stretching it a little, but i really, really love grapefruits. and one side effect of the cold, rainy “summer” we’re having is that grapefruits are still in season. and i can eat a bunch of them, and still feel like i’m being healthy. my mom used to give me grapefruit and she would peel every bit of the white stuff off of it and put them in a bowl and they were always so delicious, they made me feel like i was eating some exotic delicacy. i still eat them that way, and i still feel like it’s a delicacy.

3. my husband

what i love about him the most is that on my worst days, when i spend the whole day just sitting in front of the tv (like today, sadly) or eating too much or even if i can’t get out of bed, he always tells me that it’s ok and that he loves me and never makes me feel like he’s disappointed in me, which i’m always afraid of. today, he came home and was so excited to see me and i apologized for not having cleaned and he said that he hadn’t even noticed. i don’t know what i would do if he were even partially as judgmental of me as i am of myself.