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day seven

17 Aug


1. my mom

 i don’t know what i’d do without my mother. just talking to her for an hour just makes me feel completely different – loved, cared for, respected, and best, a part of something. aside from james, it’s so easy to feel so isolated and lonely here in this country where i know no one and don’t speak the language and that feeling of belonging is so important and my mother is just my favorite person to talk to. and god bless skype.

2. veggie burgers

although i’ve definitely been spoiled by the plethora of vegetarian food, restaurants and consciousness of california, i am so grateful that i can still buy yummy veggie burgers here in germany. i’ve even found a few different brands and can choose my favorite! today we had some very good (but very, very small) veggie burgers with lots and lots of pickles. yum.

3. the bank lady at sparkasse

i’ve never known a bank to call and ask for us to come in and make sure we’re ok with our service and see if we have any questions. they called james last week and scheduled an appointment with this lady (she was so wonderful and yet still i don’t know her name) for this afternoon. she spoke english quite well and was so helpful. she explained all of our options in terms of savings accounts and credit cards, but her advice was, go home and think about it. james, who has worked at various banks, came out laughing, surprised she hadn’t tried to sell us anything. but she really seemed honestly concerned that we get the right program for us and i really appreciate that. especially because i really did have a lot of questions. she answered every single one. customer service at its best (something that was definitely lacking in barcelona).