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day six

16 Aug


1. couch to 5k

having a program like this one actually helps me stick with it. this morning, i got up at 8 (which might be normal to some people, but is unfortunately not for me) and went for a run before going to cologne. last night as i went to sleep, i wasn’t sure i was going to make it, and i might not have if i weren’t on a set program that i have to do three times a week. i appreciate that someone designed this program for idiots like me and that someone else made a free app out of it for my phone so that i don’t have to time myself or buy one of those fancy watches.

2. book exchange

though normally i’m very anti these sorts of events (who actually wants to give away books? i just don’t understand.), i figure the more things that get me out of the house and talking to real live people, the better. and, of course, it’s better than any event without books. when i arrived and sat down, i saw, conveniently placed just in front of me, a book that i’d been wanting to read for awhile now. i’ve read two others in the series, and i really enjoy them. i had just been thinking that i needed a new “easy” (as in, the type of book i wouldn’t have read or admitted to reading ten years ago – luckily now i don’t care) book and now i’ve got one that i’m excited about!

3. finding my way around cologne

i’m very grateful for my smart phone because it gets me around my new city, albeit not very well. i have no idea why this city is so confusing! today, however, i made it to the starbucks on breite straße for the book exchange all by myself and felt just for a second like i was really starting to understand a little bit about the way the city was laid out, which is a nice feeling.