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day twenty two

1 Sep

1. basil lemonade

this drink is just delicious. today i wound my way up towards mediapark, through breite stra├če, in the sun and finally sat outside with a huge glass of it. i was alone and reading a good book and people watching. and i knew i was going to buy boots afterward, which i did. it was a good afternoon, and i felt pretty good being by myself.

2. getting out of the house

i didn’t feel like doing much today and had a hard time getting out of the house, which is basically why i joined this women’s group. because i had a coffee meeting to go to, i got up and got out of the house before i could really think about not wanting to. and i’m so grateful that i did. i need more things to get me out of the house, and i need to acknowledge myself when i do things that maybe shouldn’t be hard for me but are. so, i’m grateful for myself for getting out of the house today and allowing myself to enjoy the day.

3. my husband

i could be grateful for him every day, and it might get repetitive, but today i’m grateful that he isn’t angry at me, and in fact, the opposite. he really wants me to have everything that i want. we just decided to save money and i bought boots today that weren’t that expensive, as boots go, but weren’t cheap either. i even felt a little guilty and they were definitely not on the practical side like i said i wanted (but never really did, just thought i should…). and he just says, “whatever you want, angel”. he’s wonderful and luckily, i’d never take advantage of that, but i so appreciate it.



day seventeen

27 Aug

first of all, i have to say, i am NOT thankful for james’s attitude when he is annoyed. especially when he has to wait for anything. that said, i am also very much not grateful for having to wait over an hour for the train to get home, especially as i am soaking wet.

1. wine in the rain

i mean, seriously, if it’s gonna rain all day, you might as well be drinking too.

2. my boots

they are not the best rain boots by far, but they are a million times better than my cowboy boots, which have absolutely no tread whatsoever and my ugg boots, which are great, except in the rain… and it rained all freakin’ day. so even though my feet and boots are a little wet, i’m glad i didn’t slip and fall on my ass, like i would have in my cowboy boots.

3. thai food

i mean, really. shouldn’t i ALWAYS be grateful for thai food?