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day fifty two

1 Oct

1. getting my house back

let me just say first off that i love people visiting, especially family, and it was really nice to have my sister-in-law here and to get to know her better, but there really is nothing like that feeling when you know you are finally alone in your house. it’s so peaceful and just so comfortable. i’m very grateful for this evening, spent alone with my husband.

2. gorgeous end to september

the weather this week has been simply spectacular – better than the whole summer. in fact, we didn’t have a summer at all – but the spring was gorgeous and so far, the autumn has been fantastic too. it’s amazing what a little sun can do for my mood.

3. finished the cheesecake (so i don’t keep eating it)

when people visit, i tend to bake, or cook things in general that i really shouldn’t: pizza, pasta, cheesecake… and it’s all wonderful, until it goes a bit too far. i’ve been pretty good lately, so all the yummy goodies finally made me feel a little sick today. mostly, the cheesecake. which was pretty good, except i haven’t found graham crackers or digestives yet, so the crust wasn’t as good as it could have been. but it was good enough to shove it in my face, and that means that i ate too much and felt sick. diet, back on.



day fifty

29 Sep

1. wowza, day fifty

i’m not entirely sure if it’s changed my whole outlook/attitude yet or not, but hey, i think 50 is a pretty significant number. so, i’m pretty grateful for myself for really staying dedicated to it. not only does it show me that it is meaningful ultimately, but it also proves that i can actually be dedicated to something – now i just have to transfer the same conviction i have for my three things blog into other areas. like exercise. start a new blog! too far? hm.

2. cheesecake

i made a cheesecake! it wasn’t the best i’ve ever had, but it was pretty darn good and i’m pretty pleased with myself for being able to bake well and stuff. i have to find something suitable to use for the graham cracker crust – in spain, digestive biscuits worked pretty well, but i can’t seem to find them here (granted, i’ve only looked at one grocery store and only once, yesterday, so…). but aside from the crust not being perfect, it was good.

3. psyllium husk

’nuff said.