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day sixty one

11 Oct

** published a day late because i was in milan and frankly, way too busy eating pasta to think about finding the internet and posting all about the pasta and pizza i was grateful for.

1. home

when you are exhausted from traveling (and waking up at 4am in order to travel), the best thing in the world is that moment when you walk in your house and drop your suitcase and just lie down on the bed (or sofa) and do nothing for awhile. and that’s what i did this morning. and then i took a nap.

2. coconut curry

after taking a nap, there’s nothing better than filling your tummy with coconut curry tofu and noodles.

3. sparkling water

i just never knew how amazing it could be. and then i moved to germany, where even the vending machines in the gym only have sparkling water. i always thought that i didn’t like it, but i was so wrong.