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day thirty nine

18 Sep

not a very pretty presentation, but hey...

1. made fish for the first time ever

i started eating fish about six years ago, but i don’t do it very often. in fact, i really only eat sushi. which confuses a lot of people – why is raw fish ok but cooked fish is too fishy? well, i don’t know. but it is. so i rarely eat fish. but now that i’m committed to my new diet and eating healthy in general, i think fish is an important part of that. so, i made fish. yay!

however, i couldn’t finish it. and i made my husband open the window because the smell was making me sick. maybe salmon wasn’t the best start.

this is what makes me think about eating chicken and turkey. i think they are “milder” than fish and still a good, lean protein. but, having never eaten meat before, i get a bit freaked out about it, and so constantly go back and forth. i don’t have a problem with eating animals, as long as it’s done sustainably and responsibly (as in, no kfc [sorry, hubbie]), but the texture and the very idea of it is so new, it’s like it’s not in the “food” category in my head.

anyway, this is veering away from what i’m grateful for and becoming a different blog. so, what i am thankful for is that i am experimenting, both with fish and my diet in general, and also that i am really committed to finding a great diet that suits me.


2. online presence/shelfari

today i discovered shelfari (through the freshly pressed blog by insatiable booksluts, of which i am one [a book slut, not one of their authors]). shelfari is an online book community sponsored by amazon. it seems nice in and of itself, but the reason i joined is because after reading their blog and then the “about me” section, i saw that they had an online book club. i saw that it was exclusive. and i wanted in.

so, in true crazy style, i created a profile just so i could join this club. the thing is, i’ve not yet found my true book club, and i feel like they are out there. and though i don’t think that ultimately online is the venue for me (i’m thinking iron chef style dinner parties and wine in large goblets), i think it all is moving towards a specific future me – one that isn’t afraid of making comments and one that has community everywhere.

to be honest, now that i’m in my second foreign country in the pat five years and in another five years, we could be somewhere else, i’m starting to realize that i need something that’s mine and that is permanent.

i’ve been a bit trepidacious (not a word, but i’m going with it) about my online presence. facebook hasn’t really worked for me and twitter was just too much. though i struggle a bit here with my blog, i feel more commited to it and frankly, what is “me” about it is the struggle: the bits i don’t really like about myself come out. but, that’s real and that’s lasting.

again, getting a little wordy here but i’m really grateful for the development of that presence online and how it’s helping me in my real presence in this new country. and i’m excited to see how this book club works out for me, and what it leads to in terms of furthering my community online.


3. project runway

i feel pathetic for constantly having tv shows and food on here. seriously, i can see now what my diet problem is – i’ve mentioned glee, enchanted and various other tv shows/movies as well as pizza multiple times. sigh.

anyway, last year my dear friend christopher (as pictured in my previous post) was on project runway and so, of course, i watched every episode. and now, i can’t believe i never watched it before. while this season isn’t as fabulous because christopher isn’t on it and i’m not as personally invested, it’s still a lot of fun and a great show. and i’m so happy that my husband downloaded them for me.

beyond the tv show bit, i think shows that inspire and feature creativity are really important, especially now, when you never see the words “tv” and “quality” in the same sentence.


day twenty five

4 Sep

still sick (just fyi)

1. julie and julia

julie and julia. what more do i have to say. i want to start cooking or something. i really relate to this film because i’m in that exact position. i’ve been dragged to a foreign land by my husband and am desperate for something to do (yet really not wanting to work at the same time). something interesting to do. of course, i couldn’t just copy julie and start cooking because i’m a vegetarian and have never eaten any meat, let alone cooked it or worse, de-boned it… which is ok, but i do hope i come up with something soon. in the meantime, i’ll probably watch this film again. oh, and of course, amy adams is superb, as usual. just love this movie.

2. the british history podcast

i have always had a bit of insomnia – sometimes it’s been horrible, but even on a normal basis, i’m not one of those that can lie down and fall asleep instantly or even easily (like my husband). that is, until we discovered the british history podcast. now, that’s not to say that it isn’t interesting, because it is. and in fact, that’s why we started listening to it. because we’re dweebs like that and like doing crosswords and listening to history podcasts on a sunday morning (or you know, friday night, whatever). but i quickly discovered that i will fall asleep almost in an instant with this podcast and blissfully so. it feels like the happiest, best sleep ever. i should add that the history of rome podcast works as well, but james (being a roman history buff) is really into that one, so he usually listens to it without me.

ross, me, christopher

3. my friend christopher

i am extremely grateful to my dear friend christopher (who was my first ever work friend from when i was fifteen) who just sent me a bunch of wedding photos. a lot of people have sent (or posted) wedding photos, but he had some really good ones of my shoes. no, just kidding. i mean, he did, but beyond that, he had some great shots of people just hanging out, something my photographer unfortunately didn’t capture enough of. so i was so happy to get them and glance through them. and i can’t wait to print them! i’m going to turn into one of those crazy people with photos of my wedding plastered on every surface of my house. sigh. just wait until i have kids. anyway, thanks christopher!

the shoes (i know that's what you really wanted to see)