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day fifty six

5 Oct

today was an interesting day, to say the least. first day of wandering the streets crying in germany – which happened many times in barcelona the first year. so, i suppose i should have expected it.

me and christin during the first week in barcelona

1. the opportunity to live in a foreign country

it is a fantastic opportunity. it is a fantastic opportunity. it is a fantastic opportunity. it could be worse. it could be worse. it could be worse.

i have to keep telling myself these things. and they really ARE true: it is a great opportunity. i learned so much from my time in spain, least of all spanish and now having lived in spain and germany – how many people can say that? and get to travel like i do? and meet the interesting people that i do?

it is a fantastic opportunity and it definitely could be worse.

2. i am a strong, powerful woman

not only am i grateful for the opportunities i’ve had, specifically as i’ve mentioned of living in spain and germany, but i also acknowledge that i make these opportunities for myself. i realized that i needed something more in my life and got up off my butt, sold all my stuff and moved across the world to a country i’d never been to before and where i knew absolutely no one. i met a fabulous man who is responsible and loving and created a great opportunity for us here in germany and i supported him in that and chose to pick up and move again. at least i’d been here once before. but still, i’m pretty awesome. and the life we’re creating, while difficult, is pretty wonderful.

3. crappy movies and chocolate cake

i’m pretty sure i was already grateful for my chocolate cake yesterday (you’d think i’d remember), but after my crap day of dealing with german i don’t understand still and getting fined 40€ for not having my ticket on the metro (even though i had it, i just forgot to punch it because they put the small box in one tiny little corner of the station and it’s really easy to forget), the best thing in the world is to get home and just be able to lie on the couch, eat chocolate cake and watch movies. and yes, i did watch enchanted again because it is just that good.


day five

15 Aug


1. amy adams in enchanted

to be honest, today wasn’t the best day. but luckily, i have this fabulous movie to watch over and over again when i’m down. it is absolutely the perfect film for me – i think it was made for me, really. it didn’t completely make me feel better, but it made me smile and it made me sing and i was still able to laugh at myself. sometimes i’m not really able to do that.

2. grapefruit

ok, this might be stretching it a little, but i really, really love grapefruits. and one side effect of the cold, rainy “summer” we’re having is that grapefruits are still in season. and i can eat a bunch of them, and still feel like i’m being healthy. my mom used to give me grapefruit and she would peel every bit of the white stuff off of it and put them in a bowl and they were always so delicious, they made me feel like i was eating some exotic delicacy. i still eat them that way, and i still feel like it’s a delicacy.

3. my husband

what i love about him the most is that on my worst days, when i spend the whole day just sitting in front of the tv (like today, sadly) or eating too much or even if i can’t get out of bed, he always tells me that it’s ok and that he loves me and never makes me feel like he’s disappointed in me, which i’m always afraid of. today, he came home and was so excited to see me and i apologized for not having cleaned and he said that he hadn’t even noticed. i don’t know what i would do if he were even partially as judgmental of me as i am of myself.