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day twenty nine

8 Sep

i can’t believe it’s been almost thirty days! a whole month of being grateful! wowza.

1. my friend janet/drunken lunches

i will admit that i’m slightly inebriated right now, which happens often on thursdays. thursday morning is this coffee meeting with other people in the american women’s club of cologne, and then my new friend janet and i often go out for lunch, which often turns into us drinking wine all afternoon until suddenly it’s five or six in the afternoon and we’re like “ak! where did the day go!” and then we realize, as we stand up to leave, that we have been drinking since 12:30 and we are slightly drunk… but, it’s nice. it’s great to have the freedom to do that and it’s really wonderful to have a new friend here in germany.

2. ridiculous people

this morning, i woke up and started reading my emails/facebook messages and there’s this one girl who’s a friend of a friend, so we’ve been facebook friends for some time, but we’re not actually close ourselves. in her own words, she is “a proud conservative, a christian and i support the tea party”. needless to say, she posts a lot of political comments and links to a lot of fox news articles and videos that i find ridiculous. that’s not to say that i find all of her views ridiculous, i actually consider myself quite moderate or independent, but she is, in my opinion, the worst of the ignorant bible-belt.

most often i will say her posts are about her children, which i don’t really care too much about (as i said, we’re not close) but she also does post random fox news tidbits as well, some of which are generally noncombatant, but many are just downright offensive and basically, part of what i see as a huge problem in the united states. now, i don’t pretend that that problem is isolated to one particular side – unfortunately, that’s the problem. everyone is taking sides and hurling insults at the other side, calling them every name under the sun, from godless to hitler.

usually, when she posts something of this nature (“how can liberals be so blind?” and “oh WE’RE the ones who are intolerant…” and much, much worse), i just take a deep breath, sigh, possibly mutter to myself and move on. the same thing, i should say, happens with some of my friends from the opposite extreme. i just watch this back and forth bashing and think, how can anyone take us seriously as a superpower?

finally, this morning, i saw something she posted and just had had enough. i responded. i wrote a whole diatribe against the vitriol and hate-mongering that i see on both sides and said that while she was busy calling liberals offensive and saying that they threaten her safety and wish her and her family “harm and suffering”, the other side was doing the same and that our politics should be focused on the economy and education, not who can come up with the best insult.

let’s just say she did not respond favorably and tonight, for the first time ever in my life, i defriended someone. it felt fabulous. after that comment, i realized, she’s adding nothing to my life, and i’m obviously adding nothing to hers. so… gone!

and while i am sad that we couldn’t have a rational discussion (i defriended her too fast, i should have copied everything that was written on that comment thread first, now i can’t get into her profile at all), it feels so good just to be done with it all. and seriously, the whole thing started because she posted a diatribe against liberals who think a new video game where the goal is to kill tea party zombies is funny. and seriously, it is funny.

(not killing, that’s never funny – and video games take it waaaay too far, but that’s a whole nother subject.)

3. the feeling that you can take over the world

again, i’ve been drinking all day. but tonight, as i was walking home from the train station, i looked up at the sky and it was that deep blue color just before dusk and it wasn’t quite raining, but it was sprinkling a bit and there were deep grey clouds hovering all around and i just felt so… happy. like i could do anything, like i could take on the world.

now, i know that that feeling came from a bottle of wine and i know that it’s already gone, and i haven’t taken over the world. in fact, all i’ve done is eaten some pasta and defriended someone on facebook. but the feeling in and of itself is something special. and though it’s not good enough to turn me into an alcoholic (because i know it’d turn on me in a heartbeat), it’s good enough to appreciate for what it is while i’m a little drunk.



day fifteen

25 Aug

1. julie’s visiting friend

i thought, after getting stung by a wasp at the wilderness festival, that i was over my fear of them. i was wrong. today at bastien’s i ordered a small baguette with jam, cheese and honey. bad choice. of course, the wasps flocked all around it and me and i sort of started to panic. i was trying to play it cool, but i think it was obvious i was a bit freaked out. so, i decided to go inside, away from the wasps. however, that required me picking up my plate covered with wasps, and i was sort of standing there, not knowing how i was going to do that. and this wonderful man (whose name i completely forget) picked it up for me and carried it all the way inside, brushing the wasps away before he brought it inside. an angel.

2. natalia coming inside

then, of course, i was sitting inside all by myself, a little bit sad. but natalia and her daughter came in to keep me company and she’s just such a sweetheart. she really made me feel special and as she’s new here too, we can really relate in a lot of ways. plus, she’s from colombia and i’d really like to start meeting her every week to speak spanish, which she’s agreed to.

3. old friends, like jamie

i had this great friend when i was little who moved to west virginia. of course, we kept in contact for a bit, and i saw her a couple times when she came out to visit, but for the most part, we lost touch. a couple of years ago, we had the whole facebook reunion thing, which was fantastic (and then i was grateful for facebook). we still don’t really talk much, but when she comments on some post or something, i still get a really big smile on my face and think to myself, “i like jamie.” and i do!