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day thirty seven

17 Sep

1. skype and my best friend!

my best friend just moved to new york and so we’ve both been dealing with a lot of transition: looking for jobs, settling in, getting used to our neighborhood, etc. though, i suppose i’ve been here for a bit in reality. regardless, we haven’t really been able to talk for awhile. she was traveling before they settled, and frankly, i’m not the best at staying in touch from so far away.

we finally talked today and it’s always so reassuring – partly just knowing someone likes me and thinks that i’m their favorite friend (besides their husband) and partly because it’s someone so cool! i was feeling down this morning, and yesterday, and though i still feel in essence the same, there’s a clearer space in my mind and my confidence is boosted a bit.

i’m grateful for her and for the effort she makes in staying in touch. and of course skype for letting us see each other and take walking tours of our new apartments, etc.

2. my shoes are safe

there was no rain scheduled for today and though i know that’s not how it really works, nature is on her own schedule, i checked two different weather sites and both said: sun. so, what do i do? i wear satin shoes. and what happens? it starts raining. (of course)

they're cute, aren't they! 🙂

but, the good news is, it only started to rain when i was about five minutes from the train station and then again just as i got home. so, my shoes are fine! there was a minute there when i was worried, but in the end, they were completely safe. phew.

3. our last pizza

james and i (once again) are making a commitment to eat healthy and we’re going at it a bit extreme at the beginning. as in, fruits, veggies, brown rice, fish… nothing else… so today as a “going away present” to ourselves, we made pizza with our lovely pizza stone.

i made a whole wheat crust that was pretty good and i used an entire can of black olives. that’s how good they are. granted, it was one of those half-cans (because that’s all i could find), but i would have used more and should have bought two. oh well. olives on my salad next.

anyway, i really do love pizza and it was just so yummy and i really love our pizza stone. BUT i’m going to love being in shape and losing that weight that i’ve been talking about for… well, too long to admit, really. so, i’m both grateful for pizza and that i won’t be eating it for awhile.



day thirty five

14 Sep

1. yoga, yoga, yoga!

no, unfortunately i didn’t actually go to yoga today, but i found a studio that has classes in english (and it’s the ONLY website [surprisingly] that i’ve seen in english here) and i’ve heard that it’s a great studio.

i’ve been thinking a lot about my job, you know, now that i have one, and though i’m so grateful to have gotten good offers here, i was a bit let down after my first day. i didn’t love it. and, i suppose i knew that, having left barcelona feeling burnt out and uninspired after four years of doing it.

but i’ve also been thinking about the environment that i create for myself and being responsible for my own happiness. yoga makes me happy. it’s that simple. every time i go, i feel so clean and clear and peaceful after. and it’s the one thing that even at my worst moments in the past year, i could get out of bed to do. because i crave that feeling, because yoga is such an excellent workout and also because it connects me with a part of myself that i’ve been really closed off from for years.

i realized suddenly, after thinking of both of these things separately, that if i became a yoga instructor, problem solved! so, today i am grateful for yoga and also for my own realization and new-found sense of direction.

2. new friends

today i went to the welcome back brunch, expecting to just hang with the ladies i’ve already met at thursday coffeetime, but to my surprise there were a few younger gals walking around! they were all newbies to germany as well and seemed really nice and quite into the idea of having a younger member dinner & drinks meet up, which i am excited about. not, of course, that age matters so much in friendship, but it’s still nice to have met some new folks.

me, sashi, elle & lisa

3. all my friends are safe, healthy and happy

this morning, at around 6:30 am (which is EARLY to me), i was woken up by a phone call from my close friend’s husband. and then it hung up. and i lay there, trying to go back to sleep, but there was this little thought wriggling its way from the back of my mind: what if something’s wrong?

now, if there were an emergency, i sincerely doubt he would call me. i am, after all, a continent, an ocean and a couple of countries away, so there isn’t much i could do. but still, there was that doubt. so, of course, i couldn’t sleep.

and about half an hour later, i got a text from her saying that he had just been showing her mom ‘skype’ and had called me on accident and, though it didn’t make me go back to sleep (unfortunately), i was so relieved.

being away from my friends is rather difficult at times. knowing they are where they are, happily living their lives and becoming even more amazing than they already are, makes it just a little bit better. i’m so grateful that i have them in my life. i often wish that they were closer, or i were, but at the same time, i see bits of them everywhere, in every part of my life. and i’m grateful for everything i’ve learned from them.


day thirty one

10 Sep

1. head rubs

i used to HATE getting my hair done and would often leave wet because i just didn’t like my head or hair touched. it always hurt. i’m sure it’s some sort of leftover trauma from my mother brushing my hair when i was younger. i have very curly hair that dread quite easily and at one point, my mom stopped trying and i basically had dreads for awhile (and i wonder why i got made fun of as a kid).

i don’t know what happened but suddenly i love it! my husband rubbed my head for the first time when i was getting migraines a few years ago, and now i just think it’s awesome. i even love getting my hair done now. but my favorite is when my husband rubs my head, which he did today for a really long time (my hair looks INSANE).

2. chatting

i’ve always been good about staying in touch with friends, which is why i’ve still got so many from my childhood. but since moving overseas, it’s gotten harder and i’ve gotten worse when i really should be better. i need my friends – i get lonely. so today i was really happy to chat with two friends who i hadn’t spoken (and by spoken, i mean typed) with in awhile.

thank you, oh android gods, for the chat app!

3. great pancake recipe

i’ve scoured the internet – both allrecipes.com and foodnetwork.com for a good pancake recipe. i know, i know, pancakes are easy and the recipe is simple. it seems that way, and really it should be. but i’ve tried a bunch and most have been okay, but i hadn’t found “the one” until today.

the secret is cornmeal. yummy.

day twenty seven

6 Sep

it’s hard to think about stuff right now because i’m just so nervous about tomorrow. first of all, i have to wake up at 6:30 am. which might be normal to most people, but not me. i’ve been out of work for almost a year. and i have two job interviews to go to and though i’m sure they’ll be fine, i’m nervous. sigh. here goes.

1. the rain

i’ve talked a lot about the rain and how annoyed i am by it. and i still am, usually. but today i went outside just to walk to the shop, still singing rocky horror picture show from my previous (late) post about yesterday and it wasn’t even really raining. it was what james calls “spitting”, which doesn’t make it sound as nice as it is. but it wasn’t even raining hard enough for me to notice, but it had that beautiful smell and that fresh feeling in the air and the sky was absolutely in turmoil (just after i got in, it started raining harder). coming from southern california, even though i get quite annoyed about the rain (as it has rained non-stop this “summer”), i still really enjoy weather. (it also calms me down a bit)

2. my friend tiana

she’s the kind of friend, as most of my friends are actually, that is horrible at technology. she doesn’t really email, just recently got facebook and uses it occasionally and doesn’t really understand skype. maybe she’s never even heard of it, i’m not sure. but every time i do get a little message from her, or see that’s she’s actually posted something on facebook, i get really happy. she’s just one of my favorite people in the world and definitely one of the funniest people in the world. and i should know, i’ve been around. i’m so lucky to have her as a friend. i wish she didn’t live in some podunk town in northern california (arcata) because i never get to visit her.

3. james in the bedroom yelling “i miss you”

it’s nice to have a husband as nice as mine. and i always feel wanted and loved and comforted. which is why i know that no matter what happens tomorrow at the interviews, everything will be ok.

day twenty five

4 Sep

still sick (just fyi)

1. julie and julia

julie and julia. what more do i have to say. i want to start cooking or something. i really relate to this film because i’m in that exact position. i’ve been dragged to a foreign land by my husband and am desperate for something to do (yet really not wanting to work at the same time). something interesting to do. of course, i couldn’t just copy julie and start cooking because i’m a vegetarian and have never eaten any meat, let alone cooked it or worse, de-boned it… which is ok, but i do hope i come up with something soon. in the meantime, i’ll probably watch this film again. oh, and of course, amy adams is superb, as usual. just love this movie.

2. the british history podcast

i have always had a bit of insomnia – sometimes it’s been horrible, but even on a normal basis, i’m not one of those that can lie down and fall asleep instantly or even easily (like my husband). that is, until we discovered the british history podcast. now, that’s not to say that it isn’t interesting, because it is. and in fact, that’s why we started listening to it. because we’re dweebs like that and like doing crosswords and listening to history podcasts on a sunday morning (or you know, friday night, whatever). but i quickly discovered that i will fall asleep almost in an instant with this podcast and blissfully so. it feels like the happiest, best sleep ever. i should add that the history of rome podcast works as well, but james (being a roman history buff) is really into that one, so he usually listens to it without me.

ross, me, christopher

3. my friend christopher

i am extremely grateful to my dear friend christopher (who was my first ever work friend from when i was fifteen) who just sent me a bunch of wedding photos. a lot of people have sent (or posted) wedding photos, but he had some really good ones of my shoes. no, just kidding. i mean, he did, but beyond that, he had some great shots of people just hanging out, something my photographer unfortunately didn’t capture enough of. so i was so happy to get them and glance through them. and i can’t wait to print them! i’m going to turn into one of those crazy people with photos of my wedding plastered on every surface of my house. sigh. just wait until i have kids. anyway, thanks christopher!

the shoes (i know that's what you really wanted to see)

day fifteen

25 Aug

1. julie’s visiting friend

i thought, after getting stung by a wasp at the wilderness festival, that i was over my fear of them. i was wrong. today at bastien’s i ordered a small baguette with jam, cheese and honey. bad choice. of course, the wasps flocked all around it and me and i sort of started to panic. i was trying to play it cool, but i think it was obvious i was a bit freaked out. so, i decided to go inside, away from the wasps. however, that required me picking up my plate covered with wasps, and i was sort of standing there, not knowing how i was going to do that. and this wonderful man (whose name i completely forget) picked it up for me and carried it all the way inside, brushing the wasps away before he brought it inside. an angel.

2. natalia coming inside

then, of course, i was sitting inside all by myself, a little bit sad. but natalia and her daughter came in to keep me company and she’s just such a sweetheart. she really made me feel special and as she’s new here too, we can really relate in a lot of ways. plus, she’s from colombia and i’d really like to start meeting her every week to speak spanish, which she’s agreed to.

3. old friends, like jamie

i had this great friend when i was little who moved to west virginia. of course, we kept in contact for a bit, and i saw her a couple times when she came out to visit, but for the most part, we lost touch. a couple of years ago, we had the whole facebook reunion thing, which was fantastic (and then i was grateful for facebook). we still don’t really talk much, but when she comments on some post or something, i still get a really big smile on my face and think to myself, “i like jamie.” and i do!