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day two*

15 Aug


*posted a few days late due to spending the weekend in oxfordshire at the wilderness festival, where there was absolutely no internet connection (which was awesome!).

1. james driving carefully

he drives under the speed limit, is careful to let in other drivers and not pass on the left and sits completely straight in his chair and though i sort of make fun of him for it, i think it’s so sweet that he is so thoughtful and cautious when he drives. it is part of what makes me so sure he’ll be a wonderful father.

2. the stranger who helped us with our tent

this was our first camping trip together, and while both of us have experience with tents from our childhood (james was a cub scout), it had been awhile. i feel fairly confident that we would have figured it out eventually, and it hadn’t been that long, but it definitely set the mood for the festival when a woman came over and said that she had noticed us reading the instructions and doing the wrong thing (there were these cords that we had no idea what to do with and the picture was very confusing – in the end, we didn’t even use them). she showed us exactly what we had to do and was friendly and sweet and made us (well, me at least, james probably didn’t care) feel immediately accepted into the “wilderness” community.

3. ginger beer (and festival food)

i really like food and it is pretty much the reason that i go to any event (which i think is one of the reasons james’s dad once told me i was no longer allowed to go to the rugby matches with them. i’m hoping that he was joking.). the food here was amazing, albeit sort of meat heavy, which is surprising for such a “hippie” festival. i suppose it was all free-range and organic. but what i ate for dinner today was called a “buddha bowl”, a-coconut-milk-curry-infused mix of tofu, kale and brown rice and i washed it down with a ginger beer (or two or three), which was one of the best things i’ve had in awhile.