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day sixty one

11 Oct

** published a day late because i was in milan and frankly, way too busy eating pasta to think about finding the internet and posting all about the pasta and pizza i was grateful for.

1. home

when you are exhausted from traveling (and waking up at 4am in order to travel), the best thing in the world is that moment when you walk in your house and drop your suitcase and just lie down on the bed (or sofa) and do nothing for awhile. and that’s what i did this morning. and then i took a nap.

2. coconut curry

after taking a nap, there’s nothing better than filling your tummy with coconut curry tofu and noodles.

3. sparkling water

i just never knew how amazing it could be. and then i moved to germany, where even the vending machines in the gym only have sparkling water. i always thought that i didn’t like it, but i was so wrong.



day twenty four*

4 Sep

*posted a day late because i am sick (and was yesterday)

1. a weekend in the house with my husband

while the reason we’re staying in is because i’m sick, which i’m not very grateful for, it’s also the first weekend in about a month that we’ve had nothing to do. no family visiting, no trips to england – all of which of course has been fabulous. but sometimes, like yesterday, it’s really nice to spend a day lazing about the sofa and watching silly movies.

2. biscuits

not the him (british) kind, the me (american) kind. biscuits are one of the best things that ever existed. i’ll never forget the day, years ago, when i’d first moved to barcelona and my friend and i were walking about, shopping, and were a bit hungover and we passed a kfc and i thought, that’s it! the thing i need is biscuits! but, alas, even kfc in spain has no biscuits. so, i started making them myself, à la moosewood cookbook, and they are delicious.

3. stupid teenage girl movies

they are so good. not only when you are sick, but really, especially when you are sick. we watched easy a and 17 again. which were absolute crap, but so so good. unfortunately, these weren’t the best stupid teenage girl movies, but they were pretty good. i’d also like to thank james for letting me watch these movies and watching them with me, and only reading the sport on his ipad some of the time.

day nineteen

29 Aug

1. the hour (bbc two)

aside from being an awesome show that makes me think about issues both modern and historical, it also makes me decidedly jealous of the clothes that were worn in times long ago. every time i put jeans on, i hate myself just a little bit. bel rowley is seriously an excellent woman and putting the cheating husband aside, which is less horrific in the cigarette-filled haze of yesteryear, she is someone i can both relate to and admire.

2. an empty house

though i have loved entertaining my in-laws, i happily spent the latter hours of the afternoon sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. i organized my wedding album on shutterfly and browsed through the guide book on south africa that suzanne bought us and pretty much just sat here, loving the silence. and absolutely loving my house.

3. sharing a future

maybe i’m going to be grateful for my husband almost as much as food on here (i sort of doubt it though), but today we decided not to look for a new house yet, a decision which, while difficult, was ultimately the best for our future. and i’m just so thankful that we are both on the same page and both thinking of our future in the same way. while it’s horrible that we have to make decisions based on money, sometimes, it’s the best decision to make. hopefully we’ll save enough money to be able to get the house we want in a few months. but what i’m really most grateful for is that my husband was absolutely willing to move just because i really wanted to.