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day forty five

24 Sep

1. managed to clean the house before sister-in-law arrived

and believe me, i was cutting it pretty close. and don’t get me wrong, the house wasn’t all that bad, and to be honest, she probably wouldn’t have noticed, but i would have. and i care. so, while my husband went to the airport to get her, i managed to vacuum the whole apartment, scrub the kitchen floor, do the dishes, organize everything, and take a shower and get myself all ready. yes, i am amazing.

and yes, i also could have done it the day before. but i didn’t want to!

2. feeling comfortable with my sister-in-law

i’m sort of a freak, especially when it comes to people. i get really anxious and think that most people hate me. especially if they are important to me (like in-laws). i mean like really crazy, like panic attacks and babbling. and usually, once i’m in bed at night, alone, or with my husband, i cry because i am so embarrassed and at the same time, so worried about how i seemed in front of people. it’s very overwhelming.

but, today i felt pretty good. no panic attacks. only a little bit nervous, and we seemed to be okay. i’m now lying in bed, and i don’t even feel the need to painstakingly analyze every little thing i said and did.

i feel that for me, today was a great success in terms of my own personal crazy.

3. package!

my aunt sent me a care package today – or, i got it today and i LOVE me some care packages. it had some knitting goodies, my favorite lotion that i can’t get here, some burt’s bees tinted chapstick and some other fun stuff. very exciting, and very thankful.


day forty three

22 Sep

1. my brother-in-law listed me as family on facebook

now, that might sound “normal” to you – most of the time in-law’s are considered family. but you don’t know mine. they are wonderful and welcoming and a lot of fun, but they don’t typically do things like, well, list me as family.

in fact, my brother-in-law doesn’t usually do anything on facebook (except stalk people). i’m pretty sure that i’ve never seen him post anything and i’ve only ever gotten him to comment on my posts once (i’m pretty sure it was about football [soccer]). and then suddenly, this!

maybe i’m more excited about it than i should be, but i am pretty happy about it. and really grateful that my in-laws like me. well, at least my brother-in-law.

2. new duvet

this just makes me sound pathetic, that i would be thankful for a new duvet, but i get cold. really cold. and the duvet we have had is really small. in germany, they sleep with two twin beds pushed together and they each have their own smaller sheet and duvet, which we find weird. we like sleeping together and cuddling up under the blankets. and with winter coming, it’s nice to have a big blanket. beyond that, now i can use the smaller one for myself and we can use the bigger one. it seriously gets really cold here.

an example of the german twin beds

3. freshly laundered sheets & pillowcases

not much to say here. yum. they feel and smell so comfortable and lovely and beyond that, sleeping is just so much better. and cuddling up in freshly laundered duvet-on-new-blanket is just awesome. and i’m grateful for it.

day nineteen

29 Aug

1. the hour (bbc two)

aside from being an awesome show that makes me think about issues both modern and historical, it also makes me decidedly jealous of the clothes that were worn in times long ago. every time i put jeans on, i hate myself just a little bit. bel rowley is seriously an excellent woman and putting the cheating husband aside, which is less horrific in the cigarette-filled haze of yesteryear, she is someone i can both relate to and admire.

2. an empty house

though i have loved entertaining my in-laws, i happily spent the latter hours of the afternoon sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. i organized my wedding album on shutterfly and browsed through the guide book on south africa that suzanne bought us and pretty much just sat here, loving the silence. and absolutely loving my house.

3. sharing a future

maybe i’m going to be grateful for my husband almost as much as food on here (i sort of doubt it though), but today we decided not to look for a new house yet, a decision which, while difficult, was ultimately the best for our future. and i’m just so thankful that we are both on the same page and both thinking of our future in the same way. while it’s horrible that we have to make decisions based on money, sometimes, it’s the best decision to make. hopefully we’ll save enough money to be able to get the house we want in a few months. but what i’m really most grateful for is that my husband was absolutely willing to move just because i really wanted to.