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day forty nine

28 Sep

1. baby blanket

i finally finished it! my friend had her baby two months ago, and i’ve been lagging on this blanket for the past few months. i don’t know what my problem is, because i do have a lot of time on my hands, but somehow, it just didn’t get done. but lately, i’ve knuckled down and the result: fantastic. and frankly, i’m so grateful. i think a small project or an interesting/difficult project next. this one got a little boring towards the end. after all, it was just squares of knit 5/purl 5 over and over and then vice versa. however, it looks very cool and i really think my friend will like it, and after all, i’m grateful for the opportunity to do something like this to show her how grateful i am for her friendship!

** i’ll add a photo tomorrow – it’s late and i’ve got to work early and i just can’t be bothered.

2. flip-flops

i haven’t worn my flip-flops practically at all this summer – as we haven’t really had a summer (seriously, it’s been raining non-stop since june) and i really missed them! this week has been sunny, warm and beautiful and today, i wore flip-flops all day and i even had that weird sensation between my toes that you get those first days of summer after wearing them after a winter of closed toed shoes.

it was lovely, albeit a little sad as i know it’s coming to an end shortly. however, i’m still grateful for the chance now.

3. people who speak english

today i had to make an important doctor’s appointment and as i don’t speak the language, it can be really difficult. i called a few offices, only to have a very strange conversation with me sort of trying to speak german and them just babbling away, until i finally just said thanks and hung up. so, when i finally got someone who spoke english and made an appointment, i was very pleased. sometimes living in another country is really difficult, but there’s always a few people who speak english and are happy to do so that make it easier.


day forty eight

27 Sep

** lately my posts have been really short and lacking pictures. i’ve been really, really tired and my sister-in-law is in town, so i’ve spent the days walking way too much (still getting lost in cologne), getting up too early and staying up too late. soon, my more developed (yet never edited – ha!) posts will return. but today, i’ve at least included pics. and hey, as an extra thing, i’m grateful to myself that i have been consistently posting for over forty days – even when i am too tired and when i’ve got a lot to do!

1. knitting

today i went to a knitting event, which was basically horribly lame, and loved it. i’m grateful for a hobby like knitting and am really excited about new reasons for knitting lots of fun stuff.

2. coffee

coffee is great – it smells fantastic, it tastes wonderful and it makes me feel happy. of course, i’m a spaz and can’t drink coffee all that often, so i didn’t actually have any today, but i smelled it and that is good enough.

3. babies

today one of the american women’s club members brought her 7 month old baby , théo, to the knitting event and babies are just so lovely.

day twenty

30 Aug

1. good dreams

i always used to have these amazingly long, drawn-out, recurring dreams that would involve some sort of espionage or revolution. i would have the same dream over and over, noticing new details like you would in a film, and even prequels and sequels to the original. it’s been awhile since i had a dream like that and i had one last night. i lay in bed for almost an hour with my eyes closed before i got up, just reminiscing about the dream. it was that good.

2. the smell of clean clothes

maybe it’s because i always did the laundry growing up as one of my main chores, but i find the smell of laundry quite comforting and i’m actually a little disappointed that the laundry room is in the basement because the smell and the heat don’t actually make it up here into our apartment. of course, i’m also just grateful for having a washer and a dryer because apparently, as i’ve discovered, that isn’t really standard here.

3. knitting

this is almost the same as being grateful for my aunt, who recently taught me how to knit. i’ve only completed a few things so far, but i really enjoy it. i liked it a bit more when i was home in california and had thursday night knitting group with my aunt. but, i still enjoy doing it and i love that i will always think of her and always be able to have that bond with her.