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day forty three

22 Sep

1. my brother-in-law listed me as family on facebook

now, that might sound “normal” to you – most of the time in-law’s are considered family. but you don’t know mine. they are wonderful and welcoming and a lot of fun, but they don’t typically do things like, well, list me as family.

in fact, my brother-in-law doesn’t usually do anything on facebook (except stalk people). i’m pretty sure that i’ve never seen him post anything and i’ve only ever gotten him to comment on my posts once (i’m pretty sure it was about football [soccer]). and then suddenly, this!

maybe i’m more excited about it than i should be, but i am pretty happy about it. and really grateful that my in-laws like me. well, at least my brother-in-law.

2. new duvet

this just makes me sound pathetic, that i would be thankful for a new duvet, but i get cold. really cold. and the duvet we have had is really small. in germany, they sleep with two twin beds pushed together and they each have their own smaller sheet and duvet, which we find weird. we like sleeping together and cuddling up under the blankets. and with winter coming, it’s nice to have a big blanket. beyond that, now i can use the smaller one for myself and we can use the bigger one. it seriously gets really cold here.

an example of the german twin beds

3. freshly laundered sheets & pillowcases

not much to say here. yum. they feel and smell so comfortable and lovely and beyond that, sleeping is just so much better. and cuddling up in freshly laundered duvet-on-new-blanket is just awesome. and i’m grateful for it.


day thirty six

15 Sep

to be honest, i’m not really feeling this list today. whenever i have a lazy day, i always think it’s what i want, but by the end of the day, i’m not feeling too good about it.

1. my husband is home

i don’t like sleeping by myself anymore, i don’t seem to be able to go to bed. i was exhausted last night but somehow i managed to stay awake until 2:30. it’s like i force myself to stay awake. i don’t know why. but it’s not just having someone else in bed. in fact, when i was with other people, i’d often wish i could still sleep alone. for that and many other reasons, i’m glad he’s home.

this is not my laundry room, but how cute, right?

2. finished the laundry

i feel good that i accomplished something today. i had a whole list and i pretty much did nothing. but at least i did something. it was easy, granted, but some days that can’t even be managed. so i’m grateful it wasn’t that bad.

3. dreams

since i can’t think of much to be grateful for in my day unfortunately, i’ll have to stick to my nights and more specifically, when i’m unconscious. i don’t remember my dreams last night, but i remember them being long, involved and intricately detailed. i love those type of dreams. and just dreaming in general.

i think it’s a time when i’m still me, and i’m oddly conscious in my dreams: i’m aware that i’m dreaming and i’m aware of who i’m seeing and why (what aspects are me, what they stand for, etc). i even can change the direction my dreams are taking sometimes. but what’s best about all that is that it’s the only time that i’m me without that horrible voice in the back of my head telling me that i’m useless and fat and ugly and all of those horrible things that swirl around in me all day long.

so, i’m very grateful for dreams.

day twenty

30 Aug

1. good dreams

i always used to have these amazingly long, drawn-out, recurring dreams that would involve some sort of espionage or revolution. i would have the same dream over and over, noticing new details like you would in a film, and even prequels and sequels to the original. it’s been awhile since i had a dream like that and i had one last night. i lay in bed for almost an hour with my eyes closed before i got up, just reminiscing about the dream. it was that good.

2. the smell of clean clothes

maybe it’s because i always did the laundry growing up as one of my main chores, but i find the smell of laundry quite comforting and i’m actually a little disappointed that the laundry room is in the basement because the smell and the heat don’t actually make it up here into our apartment. of course, i’m also just grateful for having a washer and a dryer because apparently, as i’ve discovered, that isn’t really standard here.

3. knitting

this is almost the same as being grateful for my aunt, who recently taught me how to knit. i’ve only completed a few things so far, but i really enjoy it. i liked it a bit more when i was home in california and had thursday night knitting group with my aunt. but, i still enjoy doing it and i love that i will always think of her and always be able to have that bond with her.