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day thirty four

13 Sep

1. my hard-working husband

today was not a good day for him. he didn’t get home until 8 and had had a difficult meeting with his boss for hours where they just weren’t communicating well so it was quite frustrating for him. i think he was exhausted when he got home. on top of that, he’s going to berlin early tomorrow morning for a two day business trip and i know he’s got a lot on his mind.

i know he takes it as a responsibility that he’s brought me here. after all, the reason we came to germany (when in fact, neither of us really wanted to move to a different foreign country right away) was for his job. because of what he could learn doing it, and the jobs that he can get after he has this experience under his belt and, more specifically, on his cv.

what he forgets sometimes, and maybe i should remind him of more (but since he’s the only one reading this blog, i suppose this’ll do), is that the experience he’s getting and all the hard work he’s putting into this job is for me, for us and for our future.

so today, and always, i am very grateful that he works so hard for me.

of course, i didn’t have dinner ready when he came home, which i felt bad about. i was, however, making zucchini bread, so that made up for it.

2. kickin’ ass and takin’ names

yes, i did actually say that to myself today. and do you want to know why? because i was. kicking ass and taking names. i got so much done today that i crossed things off my list that i hadn’t even put on there yet, and that was all before lunch.

i got birthday cards for two very important ladies in my life, i picked up my shoes that i finally had resoled, i bought a pair of shoes (shh… don’t tell my husband [they were only 5€]), i went to city hall to deal with a few questions, i called our insurance company to get a few things settled, i went to the bank and finished opening our savings account (which consisted of my dropping off a piece of paper my husband had signed – but still, crossed it off the list), i went to t-mobile (unsuccessfully), i had a therapy session, i talked to my mom, i cleaned the kitchen AND i baked two loafs of zucchini bread.

amazing, right? i know i am.

3. my winter flip-flops

ugh. it’s cold already! it rained all “summer” and now it’s cold again. at least in the mornings. i will admit that the afternoon was quite nice and when i was walking home around 1:30, i was wishing that i was wearing different shoes. but, in general, i am so happy that i got over myself and started wearing my uggs outside.

yes, i was one of those people that had never even put a pair of uggs on my feet – i mean, seriously, they are pretty unattractive. but my blessed roommate (robin <3) years ago always had a pair by the door that she used to walk to the trash or the laundry room of our big apartment complex, so i started to. now, bear in mind this is southern california, so often we were wearing shorts or a skirt with those uggs, as only southern californians do. then, however, i moved to portland and learned what cold was. but i was still hesitant to wear them outside, short of a walk to the corner shop – and let’s be honest, by corner shop, i mean the corner sports bar that had the BEST onion rings in the world (we’ve done the math) or the corner pizza shop to ogle the waiter i had a crush on for two years.

to be brief, i love my uggs and even though i got a few looks from some people, i was so snuggly warm, i couldn’t have cared less.


day twenty seven

6 Sep

it’s hard to think about stuff right now because i’m just so nervous about tomorrow. first of all, i have to wake up at 6:30 am. which might be normal to most people, but not me. i’ve been out of work for almost a year. and i have two job interviews to go to and though i’m sure they’ll be fine, i’m nervous. sigh. here goes.

1. the rain

i’ve talked a lot about the rain and how annoyed i am by it. and i still am, usually. but today i went outside just to walk to the shop, still singing rocky horror picture show from my previous (late) post about yesterday and it wasn’t even really raining. it was what james calls “spitting”, which doesn’t make it sound as nice as it is. but it wasn’t even raining hard enough for me to notice, but it had that beautiful smell and that fresh feeling in the air and the sky was absolutely in turmoil (just after i got in, it started raining harder). coming from southern california, even though i get quite annoyed about the rain (as it has rained non-stop this “summer”), i still really enjoy weather. (it also calms me down a bit)

2. my friend tiana

she’s the kind of friend, as most of my friends are actually, that is horrible at technology. she doesn’t really email, just recently got facebook and uses it occasionally and doesn’t really understand skype. maybe she’s never even heard of it, i’m not sure. but every time i do get a little message from her, or see that’s she’s actually posted something on facebook, i get really happy. she’s just one of my favorite people in the world and definitely one of the funniest people in the world. and i should know, i’ve been around. i’m so lucky to have her as a friend. i wish she didn’t live in some podunk town in northern california (arcata) because i never get to visit her.

3. james in the bedroom yelling “i miss you”

it’s nice to have a husband as nice as mine. and i always feel wanted and loved and comforted. which is why i know that no matter what happens tomorrow at the interviews, everything will be ok.

day nineteen

29 Aug

1. the hour (bbc two)

aside from being an awesome show that makes me think about issues both modern and historical, it also makes me decidedly jealous of the clothes that were worn in times long ago. every time i put jeans on, i hate myself just a little bit. bel rowley is seriously an excellent woman and putting the cheating husband aside, which is less horrific in the cigarette-filled haze of yesteryear, she is someone i can both relate to and admire.

2. an empty house

though i have loved entertaining my in-laws, i happily spent the latter hours of the afternoon sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing. i organized my wedding album on shutterfly and browsed through the guide book on south africa that suzanne bought us and pretty much just sat here, loving the silence. and absolutely loving my house.

3. sharing a future

maybe i’m going to be grateful for my husband almost as much as food on here (i sort of doubt it though), but today we decided not to look for a new house yet, a decision which, while difficult, was ultimately the best for our future. and i’m just so thankful that we are both on the same page and both thinking of our future in the same way. while it’s horrible that we have to make decisions based on money, sometimes, it’s the best decision to make. hopefully we’ll save enough money to be able to get the house we want in a few months. but what i’m really most grateful for is that my husband was absolutely willing to move just because i really wanted to.


day fourteen*

25 Aug

*crap, i’m getting bad at this already. i totally forgot about yesterday because when i got home, i had such a bad headache, i basically just passed out…

1. runs that feel like exercise

sometimes, it just feels really good to feel sore and actually feel like i’ve worked out. i’m not entirely sure it that’s because i don’t work out enough, but i’m gonna go ahead and ignore that part of things and just revel in the good “i’ve just exercised” feeling.

2. my husband likes to hang out with me

we met some of his friends for dinner and a movie, but james wanted to meet me first just to hang out by ourselves a bit before we met them. and that’s nice. i like that my husband is my best friend and likes me as much as i like him.

3. peanut butter sandwiches

i really like peanut butter sandwiches. and besides the fact that they are really good in and of themselves, they are so easy to eat when you’re in a hurry and need to eat something good and filling on your way out. which happened to me after my workout and shower and i was hungry but running out the door. and it was perfect.

day five

15 Aug


1. amy adams in enchanted

to be honest, today wasn’t the best day. but luckily, i have this fabulous movie to watch over and over again when i’m down. it is absolutely the perfect film for me – i think it was made for me, really. it didn’t completely make me feel better, but it made me smile and it made me sing and i was still able to laugh at myself. sometimes i’m not really able to do that.

2. grapefruit

ok, this might be stretching it a little, but i really, really love grapefruits. and one side effect of the cold, rainy “summer” we’re having is that grapefruits are still in season. and i can eat a bunch of them, and still feel like i’m being healthy. my mom used to give me grapefruit and she would peel every bit of the white stuff off of it and put them in a bowl and they were always so delicious, they made me feel like i was eating some exotic delicacy. i still eat them that way, and i still feel like it’s a delicacy.

3. my husband

what i love about him the most is that on my worst days, when i spend the whole day just sitting in front of the tv (like today, sadly) or eating too much or even if i can’t get out of bed, he always tells me that it’s ok and that he loves me and never makes me feel like he’s disappointed in me, which i’m always afraid of. today, he came home and was so excited to see me and i apologized for not having cleaned and he said that he hadn’t even noticed. i don’t know what i would do if he were even partially as judgmental of me as i am of myself.