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day thirty seven

17 Sep

1. skype and my best friend!

my best friend just moved to new york and so we’ve both been dealing with a lot of transition: looking for jobs, settling in, getting used to our neighborhood, etc. though, i suppose i’ve been here for a bit in reality. regardless, we haven’t really been able to talk for awhile. she was traveling before they settled, and frankly, i’m not the best at staying in touch from so far away.

we finally talked today and it’s always so reassuring – partly just knowing someone likes me and thinks that i’m their favorite friend (besides their husband) and partly because it’s someone so cool! i was feeling down this morning, and yesterday, and though i still feel in essence the same, there’s a clearer space in my mind and my confidence is boosted a bit.

i’m grateful for her and for the effort she makes in staying in touch. and of course skype for letting us see each other and take walking tours of our new apartments, etc.

2. my shoes are safe

there was no rain scheduled for today and though i know that’s not how it really works, nature is on her own schedule, i checked two different weather sites and both said: sun. so, what do i do? i wear satin shoes. and what happens? it starts raining. (of course)

they're cute, aren't they! 🙂

but, the good news is, it only started to rain when i was about five minutes from the train station and then again just as i got home. so, my shoes are fine! there was a minute there when i was worried, but in the end, they were completely safe. phew.

3. our last pizza

james and i (once again) are making a commitment to eat healthy and we’re going at it a bit extreme at the beginning. as in, fruits, veggies, brown rice, fish… nothing else… so today as a “going away present” to ourselves, we made pizza with our lovely pizza stone.

i made a whole wheat crust that was pretty good and i used an entire can of black olives. that’s how good they are. granted, it was one of those half-cans (because that’s all i could find), but i would have used more and should have bought two. oh well. olives on my salad next.

anyway, i really do love pizza and it was just so yummy and i really love our pizza stone. BUT i’m going to love being in shape and losing that weight that i’ve been talking about for… well, too long to admit, really. so, i’m both grateful for pizza and that i won’t be eating it for awhile.



day twenty seven

6 Sep

it’s hard to think about stuff right now because i’m just so nervous about tomorrow. first of all, i have to wake up at 6:30 am. which might be normal to most people, but not me. i’ve been out of work for almost a year. and i have two job interviews to go to and though i’m sure they’ll be fine, i’m nervous. sigh. here goes.

1. the rain

i’ve talked a lot about the rain and how annoyed i am by it. and i still am, usually. but today i went outside just to walk to the shop, still singing rocky horror picture show from my previous (late) post about yesterday and it wasn’t even really raining. it was what james calls “spitting”, which doesn’t make it sound as nice as it is. but it wasn’t even raining hard enough for me to notice, but it had that beautiful smell and that fresh feeling in the air and the sky was absolutely in turmoil (just after i got in, it started raining harder). coming from southern california, even though i get quite annoyed about the rain (as it has rained non-stop this “summer”), i still really enjoy weather. (it also calms me down a bit)

2. my friend tiana

she’s the kind of friend, as most of my friends are actually, that is horrible at technology. she doesn’t really email, just recently got facebook and uses it occasionally and doesn’t really understand skype. maybe she’s never even heard of it, i’m not sure. but every time i do get a little message from her, or see that’s she’s actually posted something on facebook, i get really happy. she’s just one of my favorite people in the world and definitely one of the funniest people in the world. and i should know, i’ve been around. i’m so lucky to have her as a friend. i wish she didn’t live in some podunk town in northern california (arcata) because i never get to visit her.

3. james in the bedroom yelling “i miss you”

it’s nice to have a husband as nice as mine. and i always feel wanted and loved and comforted. which is why i know that no matter what happens tomorrow at the interviews, everything will be ok.

day seventeen

27 Aug

first of all, i have to say, i am NOT thankful for james’s attitude when he is annoyed. especially when he has to wait for anything. that said, i am also very much not grateful for having to wait over an hour for the train to get home, especially as i am soaking wet.

1. wine in the rain

i mean, seriously, if it’s gonna rain all day, you might as well be drinking too.

2. my boots

they are not the best rain boots by far, but they are a million times better than my cowboy boots, which have absolutely no tread whatsoever and my ugg boots, which are great, except in the rain… and it rained all freakin’ day. so even though my feet and boots are a little wet, i’m glad i didn’t slip and fall on my ass, like i would have in my cowboy boots.

3. thai food

i mean, really. shouldn’t i ALWAYS be grateful for thai food?

day sixteen

26 Aug

1. fabulous dishwashing gloves

this might sort of be cheating, as i’m not actually grateful for mine because i’ve just discovered that they kind of don’t function the way they should. i never used to use gloves, because why bother, but now that i’m married and have these diamonds on my finger, i really don’t want to wreck them. so, i started experimenting with gloves. today, i got over the ones i’ve got and washed the dishes by hand, using my real hands. it reminded me how awesome a good pair of gloves can be and i am pretty excited to go out there and search for the perfect dishwashing gloves.

where i'm sitting now (only my computer is there too)

2. my apartment

we are moving and i’ve just started the process of looking for a new wohnung, which is sort of difficult because i don’t really speak german. BUT it has really made me realize how great our first home in germany has been. while i’m still ready to move closer to köln, our little apartment has been both welcoming and homey and most importantly, really cheap. one place i saw today was about 250€ more per month and was much smaller (even the kitchen was smaller!). it also was on the sixth floor with no elevator. which maybe would be good for my butt on an every day basis, but i just can’t even imagine moving in. so, while i’m still committed to moving, i’m so happy i have my little home to come back to every day.

3. public transport

while i did get wet in the rain today (sun was shining – walked outside and boom: thunder, lightening, rainstorm. seriously), i just love it because everyone did. because when you take public transportation and walk around a city, if it rains, you get a bit wet. and most people were wearing sandals, and that’s just how it goes. at first, i thought, oh god, i’m wearing sandals. oh no, i didn’t bring my umbrella and then, i just embraced it. i didn’t go so far as to go twirl in the puddles, my face lifted up to the sky to catch raindrops in my mouth, but i got wet. and it wasn’t bad at all. and i’d take it any day over driving.

and more of my apartment:

my window

my book corner

day three*

15 Aug


*posted a couple of days late due to spending the weekend in oxfordshire at the wilderness festival, where there was absolutely no internet connection (which was awesome!).

1. james’s mum’s “wellies”

i was hesitant to accept at first, mainly because she’d already let us borrow her car, tent, sleeping bags, towels and pillows and also because i apparently forgot that i was in england and therefore, it was going to rain.  which, of course, it did. all night. and when i had to go pee in the middle of the night, i was especially grateful for the rain boots.

2. john-paul flintoff

 he was one of the speakers who i watched today and he wrote a book called “sew your own” and taught us how to sew our own books. which i did, as you can see (from an old selfridges bag). i’m looking forward to perfecting it and i’d also really like to learn how to sew in general. so, a book and a goal! wowza.

3. my new hat

this hat was sooooooo warm and it totally changed my experience of the festival. obviously i was pretty cold, as i usually am. i think this hat will totally change my experience of england, germany and winter in general. i’ve heard it snows here.