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day thirty three

12 Sep

1. a happy moment, thanks in part to the postal service

i was walking out of the main train station, dom hauptbahnhof, on my way to work and in a pretty fine mood. it was a completely blustery day and aside from the fact that i was wearing lip gloss that was way too sticky for such a windy day (my hair kept getting stuck on my mouth), i was really enjoying it. it was warm and sunny and the wind was just so strong, it really was impressive. and just as i’m coming out of the station and the gorgeous dom cathedral comes into view (seriously one of the best cathedrals i’ve ever seen), this song comes onto my ipod and i’m looking up at the cathedral as a flock of birds fly straight across my view, curl back up and around and it almost looks like they are dancing to the song and the sunlight was glinted of the already-repaired and shiny bits of the fa├žade and all i could do was smile. gorgeous day, gorgeous life. i’m grateful.

2. i didn’t cry or have a panic attack in class

so today was my first day of work and i was actually less nervous than i thought, which was fantastic. leading up to the class, i was still feeling that kind of anxious, panicky feeling about everything else but teaching. i don’t know why my brain does that. just when i need to focus on one thing, it panics and brings up everything else i need to do in my life. but, i successfully pushed that aside and planned my lessons.

in class, of course, everything came naturally. i had a couple of moments where it seemed like the conversation wasn’t flowing and i had to awkwardly force certain expressions and what not. but, i guess that’s normal. all in all, i’d say it went rather well. and, like i said, i didn’t cry or have a panic attack. so, excellent in my book.

3. back on the couch to 5k

i am completely recommitted and started off well today. to be honest, i felt horrible during the running portion. i don’t think i’ve ever moved so slow in my life and my whole body was screaming at me: what the hell do you think you’re doing to me?? but, i persevered and in the end, of course, i felt great.

i’m looking forward to pilates tomorrow and then my next run on wednesday. i’ve got to get out of week three! i’ve been stuck here for about a month now, and i just don’t move on to week four because i’ve only done two days of week three. so, this week, i will not fail. three full days of week three and next week, week four.




day fourteen*

25 Aug

*crap, i’m getting bad at this already. i totally forgot about yesterday because when i got home, i had such a bad headache, i basically just passed out…

1. runs that feel like exercise

sometimes, it just feels really good to feel sore and actually feel like i’ve worked out. i’m not entirely sure it that’s because i don’t work out enough, but i’m gonna go ahead and ignore that part of things and just revel in the good “i’ve just exercised” feeling.

2. my husband likes to hang out with me

we met some of his friends for dinner and a movie, but james wanted to meet me first just to hang out by ourselves a bit before we met them. and that’s nice. i like that my husband is my best friend and likes me as much as i like him.

3. peanut butter sandwiches

i really like peanut butter sandwiches. and besides the fact that they are really good in and of themselves, they are so easy to eat when you’re in a hurry and need to eat something good and filling on your way out. which happened to me after my workout and shower and i was hungry but running out the door. and it was perfect.