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day fifty one

30 Sep

1. secret

i can’t say just yet. but i’m very grateful.

2. cleaning

i’ve been pretending i’ve been on vacation the whole time my sister-in-law has been here (on vacation) and so, consequently, haven’t been cleaning or doing anything all week (i’m not entirely sure why i do that). and you could tell by the kitchen. the dishes were bad. so, finally, today i cleaned. i’m grateful for a clean house – and i’m grateful for me cleaning!

3. sleep

i’m so tired. i’m just so grateful for my comfy bed and wonderful blankies and warm hubby. and sleeping in.


day forty one

20 Sep

shot from season two of downton abbey

1. my husband is safe & honorable (honourable)

we were watching downton abbey and obviously, as i’m sure everyone knows because why wouldn’t you be watching, the first season ended with britain declaring war against germany (world war i). this led my me to say to my husband that i just couldn’t handle it if he were at war. i mean, he went to berlin last week and i made him text me when he landed. i’m a worrier. and i couldn’t even begin to imagine how much i would worry every day if he couldn’t text me and tell me he was okay.

to that he said he would join up, if it were a situation like world war i, where there was a direct threat to him and his country, which quite surprised me, and left me feeling immensely grateful that there isn’t such a war going on. but at the same time, so happy that my husband is such an upstanding man.

2. sleeping in

last night, i couldn’t sleep very well. in fact, i haven’t been able to get to sleep well for the past couple of days and so, i’ve been exhausted. this morning, i set my alarm for 8:00, and somehow in my sleep, i turned it off. luckily, i didn’t have anything of major importance to get to this morning – just my book club meeting. i woke up, almost two hours later and though i jumped up in a panic, got ready as quickly as possible and ran out of the house, really, i was only forty five minutes late, which in the long run is much better than me being exhausted and miserable all day long.

3. soup season

i know i’ve already said that i’m grateful for autumn, and the lovely smell and breezes and colors that it brings with it, but i completely forgot about soup! and today, coming home and feeling a bit chilly, i realized there was nothing i wanted more than a big, yummy bowl of vegetable soup.

i’ve always loved winter because it meant lentil soup and grapefruit, but as it’s a bit colder here than i’m used to, i guess soup season starts a bit earlier here than it does in san diego (it’s a short season there) and barcelona, too. and while i’m not so grateful about the cold weather, i am excited to experiment with new soups and have some lovely warm and cozy moments in my surprisingly toasty apartment with a bowl of soup.


day four*

15 Aug


*posted a day late due to spending the weekend in oxfordshire at the wilderness festival, where there was absolutely no internet connection (which was awesome!).

1. a good (better) night’s sleep

the first night, i had a hard time sleeping, due to the carousing all around me, the rain, the cold and my foot hurting because i tried to wear shoes that i knew hurt me feet (i had been planning on getting rid of them, but i thought i’d give it one more try. big mistake.). last night, on the other hand, i even fell asleep before james (which has happened maybe five times in our entire relationship) and woke up refreshed and happy. what was the difference? last night, i decided to use ginger beers (plural) to help me sleep, which i think worked really well. and was also quite yummy. as an added plus, i didn’t even have a teeny bit of a hangover. yay, ginger beer! and yay, sleep!

2. the sun coming out

the festival was an amazing time, even in the rain (mostly thanks to the wellies) but today, while we were sitting on the grass watching the strangest (albeit only) cricket match i’ve ever seen, complete with bubbles and gold sparkly spanks (on a 6’7” man), and listening to some great music from the main stage, the sun came shining out and the blue sky was (finally!) visible through the fluffy, white, perfect clouds. it was glorious and it was lovely to be sitting in the grass with my fantastic husband who took me there for my birthday. the sun just added to the lazy sunday feel of the last day of the festival.

3. laura marling

singing rambling man (what she opened with) 

she is the reason i went to the wilderness festival in the first place, and she was so worth it. she’s soulful, sweet, humble and just gorgeous. i almost cried. i will admit that she suits a smaller, more personal venue a bit more and i’d love to see her in a little café or something next (if she doesn’t get too big), but it was still beautiful and even if the rest of the weekend had been awful (which it wasn’t at all), it would have been worth it. she was perfect and i loved her.