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day sixty two

11 Oct

1. new job

i’ve got a new class coming up and it’s pretty “official”. it’s working on the bayerwerk chempark (where my husband works) and it’s an upper-intermediate business class, which should be fun. and i should learn a lot from it because i have to be more “official” about my teaching, which i think should be good.

and the company seems really good and they offer advanced education courses where i can learn some more about teaching.

2. package from my mom

i love getting packages, especially when they’re full of stuff i need: books and photos and most important: cornnuts.

3. subway

i don’t know what my problem is, but i love subway here. back home, i couldn’t care less about it, but here (both in spain and in germany), i’m obsessed with it.



day forty two

21 Sep

1. big warm sweaters

today is cold. i don’t know what happened to me last night, but i got a bit sick or something. suddenly, my stomach really was hurting and i was up late feeling sick and then it led to me being absolutely freezing. i was lying under two blankets, shivering. and all day today, i’ve been really cold. but i have this lovely warm sweater that my mom bought me from rei for christmas last year (because i went to england and it was cold). it definitely made me feel better.

2. subway

yeah, i know. i’m grateful for food again. i’ve probably even put subway before. to be honest, i’ve been feeling a bit down and blah all day, so i’m having trouble finding things i’m grateful for. i do love subway though (especially when i’m feeling blah). which is weird, because i don’t really ever remember liking it back home in the us.

3. my class was canceled today

i shouldn’t be grateful because i need the work. but i really wasn’t feeling it today. in fact, i’m not really feeling it tomorrow morning, but at least i’ve already taught that class before. first classes are difficult when you’re not feeling up to putting out the energy. so, while i need the money and might regret it later, i’m really glad that the class was canceled and i could just sit and knit and watch iron chef.