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day fifty four

3 Oct

1. crossword puzzles

my husband and i often do crossword puzzles together at night and it’s a lot of fun. sometimes we’re good, sometimes not so much and he always tries to race against our time (which is usually annoying).

it’s been awhile and now we’re getting into bed and we’re going to start one now (as soon as i finish this) which i’m excited about.

2. my husband’s green hoody

i don’t know what it is about this hoody, but it’s more comfortable than anything else i could wear. he wore it to work a few months ago and left it there and i’ve missed it.

i realize, of course, that it’s his and so he can wear it and do what he will with it, and the wonderful part of it is that it’s his. if it were mine, it wouldn’t quite be as comfortable. it wouldn’t smell like him and be as nice to put on, though it would still be big and encompassing.

i’m grateful that he brought it home and that it makes me so comfy and happy.

3. last day of sun

tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain. and i’m pretty sure that after that, winter is coming. even though the entire summer was filled with rain, i’m grateful for the week we’ve had in september (and now october) of nice weather. and if today is the last sunny day for awhile, i’m grateful for it (even though i didn’t go out in it).


day fifty two

1 Oct

1. getting my house back

let me just say first off that i love people visiting, especially family, and it was really nice to have my sister-in-law here and to get to know her better, but there really is nothing like that feeling when you know you are finally alone in your house. it’s so peaceful and just so comfortable. i’m very grateful for this evening, spent alone with my husband.

2. gorgeous end to september

the weather this week has been simply spectacular – better than the whole summer. in fact, we didn’t have a summer at all – but the spring was gorgeous and so far, the autumn has been fantastic too. it’s amazing what a little sun can do for my mood.

3. finished the cheesecake (so i don’t keep eating it)

when people visit, i tend to bake, or cook things in general that i really shouldn’t: pizza, pasta, cheesecake… and it’s all wonderful, until it goes a bit too far. i’ve been pretty good lately, so all the yummy goodies finally made me feel a little sick today. mostly, the cheesecake. which was pretty good, except i haven’t found graham crackers or digestives yet, so the crust wasn’t as good as it could have been. but it was good enough to shove it in my face, and that means that i ate too much and felt sick. diet, back on.


day forty six

25 Sep

1. a day at the races

notice i did not say that i was grateful for winning at the races. because unfortunately, we are not. however, we lost 30€ total, and as there were the three of us, that’s only 10€ each, which is the price of going to the movies, except we were there all day. so, good bargain, really.

and what a day it was! the sun was shining, as it only does when the women from james’s family visit, and according to them, the hot dogs were “slammin”.

we had a great time.

2. james always cooks breakfast

in full disclosure, i should say that this picture is actually from a few weeks ago (and not a very good one – someday i’ll learn that a glass coffee table doesn’t lend itself to photo ops), but isn’t that little birdie egg holder so cute (and a little sad)?

today, james made a full english breakfast (veggie style and sans tomato, obviously) for his sister and i. and i realized tonight, as i was grumbling about having to make dinner (pizza – yum! and oops, sorry, diet) and do the dishes, that i rarely make breakfast. i may cook more in general and clean more as well (but lets face it, i work three hours a week right now), but i always have lounging-in-my-pj’s-on-the-couch time saturday and sunday mornings, and i really, really appreciate that.

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: i’m so grateful for my husband – for making me breakfast, and for introducing me to a full english breakfast, which i didn’t include a picture of because frankly, they don’t look so good. i think baked beans just don’t photograph well.

3. lying in bed awake when everyone else is sleeping

i think i’ll always be a night owl. granted, it’s only 11:30, so my “night owl” now is waaaaay different from that of the past. but, i still love the night. i love being awake when everyone else (usually just my husband, but now his sister as well) and i’m still up doing things: writing my blog, reading, etc.

when i’m home alone, this is also my favorite time to clean, which is sort of weird. but mainly, i read. and it’s so quite and so dark and it’s the only time when you absolutely know that nothing is going to interrupt you.

of course, this time is much more enjoyable when you don’t have anything to do in the morning. and i don’t work until 5:45 pm and all i have to do before then is bake some cake/cookies/haven’t decided yet to take with me tuesday morning to the stitch & bitch charity event. so, basically, i’ve got all night to read. hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet, here i come (and i hear you’re sad, so i may even get to cry all by myself in the middle of the night – is it weird that i love that?).

day twenty three

2 Sep

today i locked myself out of the house. it was about 1 o’clock, or 1:30, i believe and all morning i had been cleaning the house. i started with the kitchen and did the dishes, cleaned out the fridge and even moved the fridge to clean under it and washed the walls (the walls here are all wallpapered and then painted and are decidedly difficult to clean for some reason that i haven’t quite figured out). i then started on the floors and the trash can. after i washed down the trash can, i decided to set it just outside the door, as it was a pretty hot and sunny day. of course the window was open and my music was playing quite loud – james always says he can hear me when he’s coming down the street.

it should be said that when the window is open, it gets quite breezy in the apartment. so, as you can probably guess, just as i set the can on the floor, the door slammed behind me. it took me a minute to figure out what had happened. i had only just stepped outside and didn’t really expect it.

sadly, it’s not the first time we’ve locked ourselves out.

let’s just say that i spent a good part of the day sitting outside my door waiting for james to come home. i couldn’t call or anything, because my phone was sitting inside, and i didn’t want to go try and speak to someone or walk to his work because i was wearing quite short shorts that for me are strictly indoor garb and i hadn’t even washed my face and frankly, looked a state.

so, instead, i sat out and waited. for hours. i found precious little to entertain me. as you can see, i spent some time ripping out a little note to james from a leaflet that had been left on top of our mailboxes. and, just like as a child, i imagined that the minute i finished, he would come home. he didn’t.

he came home at 6:30. of course, i wouldn’t have known that, not even knowing what time it was the whole afternoon.

what do i have to be grateful within that?

1. an hour (or so) in the sun

today i spent an hour sitting in the sun and doing nothing. i couldn’t possibly think of my to do list, or emailing anyone or even the alternate realities of the tom and maggie tulliver (i’m reading the mill on the floss, by george eliot). i just sat. it was pretty much silent, except the birds and bees and flutterings of this and that down the road. it is something i wish i did for myself more often.

2. didn’t have to clean the whole house

i’m one of those extreme people who never just dust or vacuum or do a bit here and there, when i clean, it’s all out spring cleaning. i just only do it once a month or so. don’t get me wrong, i tidy and do the dishes throughout the week (i aim for every day. that doesn’t always happen, if i’m honest.), but usually once a month, i’ll clean. everything. and every time i always think, why don’t i just do the floors and do the kitchen tomorrow and then the bathroom another day or something, and i never do. and today, i just did the kitchen, which will force me to separate it out and do a bit here and there. i sort of like it.

3. commitment

i’m hoping i’ve made a commitment to myself. it made me really sad that i wouldn’t walk to james’s work today because i didn’t look good. i think that i am too superficial and too judgmental and also that i’m very, very unhappy with how i look and my health. i’ve been feeling that way for years, and seem unable to commit to doing something about it. and today instead of being seen in an outfit that i found too revealing – not because it was actually too revealing, but because i’m too “big” to be wearing something like that in public, i chose to sit on my front stoop for approximately five hours. i think that signifies that i need to make some changes for myself.

day ten

20 Aug

1. football (soccer) season

i’ve realized today that i’m quite happy that there is a football season. partially because it makes james so happy, but beyond that, i kind of forgot about it because for the past couple of months, there really hasn’t been that much sport at all, which has been great. but i also forgot that i actually like watching it. i know i’ll completely regret this statement after a few months, when i’m losing fantasy football and all james wants to watch is match of the day and then rugby has started as well. but for now, i’ve remembered that i like sitting in an english pub during the hottest part of the day at the end of summer, drinking a magners and actually understanding what’s going on and sometimes even getting points in my fantasy football team (though, not today).

2. bike riding

i was never very good at when i was a kid, to be honest, and when i “got back on” a bike in san francisco (it was jennifer’s and she promised it’d be easy), i ran into a trash can on the corner of the road and it was embarrassing. since moving to germany, i’ve got a little better and today, riding along the river in the dusk over the most ridiculously messed up path i’ve ever seen (which now i realize is probably responsible for my butt hurting the way it does), with bugs flying in my face (and probably my mouth), i felt like a kid again for the first time in a long time. i forgot to think about how i might look fat sitting on my bike, or how maybe i shouldn’t have had two beers and a frappuccino or any of the “shoulds” that constantly strain at my mind. i enjoyed myself and that was that.

3. sunny days

we haven’t had an entire sun-filled day with bike riding and sitting outside in so long. today was gorgeous and we wonder a bit if it is going to be nice every time someone visits, just so that when we complain about the rain, they will think we’re exaggerating. either way, i’m so happy today was as warm and nice as it was. i really needed it – all that vitamin d!


day four*

15 Aug


*posted a day late due to spending the weekend in oxfordshire at the wilderness festival, where there was absolutely no internet connection (which was awesome!).

1. a good (better) night’s sleep

the first night, i had a hard time sleeping, due to the carousing all around me, the rain, the cold and my foot hurting because i tried to wear shoes that i knew hurt me feet (i had been planning on getting rid of them, but i thought i’d give it one more try. big mistake.). last night, on the other hand, i even fell asleep before james (which has happened maybe five times in our entire relationship) and woke up refreshed and happy. what was the difference? last night, i decided to use ginger beers (plural) to help me sleep, which i think worked really well. and was also quite yummy. as an added plus, i didn’t even have a teeny bit of a hangover. yay, ginger beer! and yay, sleep!

2. the sun coming out

the festival was an amazing time, even in the rain (mostly thanks to the wellies) but today, while we were sitting on the grass watching the strangest (albeit only) cricket match i’ve ever seen, complete with bubbles and gold sparkly spanks (on a 6’7” man), and listening to some great music from the main stage, the sun came shining out and the blue sky was (finally!) visible through the fluffy, white, perfect clouds. it was glorious and it was lovely to be sitting in the grass with my fantastic husband who took me there for my birthday. the sun just added to the lazy sunday feel of the last day of the festival.

3. laura marling

singing rambling man (what she opened with) 

she is the reason i went to the wilderness festival in the first place, and she was so worth it. she’s soulful, sweet, humble and just gorgeous. i almost cried. i will admit that she suits a smaller, more personal venue a bit more and i’d love to see her in a little café or something next (if she doesn’t get too big), but it was still beautiful and even if the rest of the weekend had been awful (which it wasn’t at all), it would have been worth it. she was perfect and i loved her.