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day sixty two

11 Oct

1. new job

i’ve got a new class coming up and it’s pretty “official”. it’s working on the bayerwerk chempark (where my husband works) and it’s an upper-intermediate business class, which should be fun. and i should learn a lot from it because i have to be more “official” about my teaching, which i think should be good.

and the company seems really good and they offer advanced education courses where i can learn some more about teaching.

2. package from my mom

i love getting packages, especially when they’re full of stuff i need: books and photos and most important: cornnuts.

3. subway

i don’t know what my problem is, but i love subway here. back home, i couldn’t care less about it, but here (both in spain and in germany), i’m obsessed with it.



day forty

19 Sep

i’m EXHAUSTED so i’m going to be very brief.

1. raincoat

my mom finally sent me her raincoat (i mean, seriously, who needs a raincoat in san diego??) and of course, the day i got it was the first sunny day in like, ever. and then the next day was sunny. and the next. and then i realized that maybe she should send me a raincoat or an umbrella or something all the time to keep it from raining. but, of course, the rain came back – but this time, i was prepared! i had a raincoat. and i wore it today and yes, it kept me warm and dry. and i’m very happy. thank you, mommy, for my raincoat.

2. great class

today i had one okay class and two fantastic classes – i enjoyed the day, my students even told me afterward that they enjoyed it and i felt really good about working again. i felt like a good teacher today.

3. wedding photos

i picked up our wedding prints and book that our photographer made today! i’m so happy to have them and now i get to go frame shopping tomorrow. yay! 🙂

**edit: i’m also grateful that no one noticed that i spelled forty incorrectly initially. it’s quite embarrassing. my only excuse is that i haven’t been sleeping well, which is, frankly, not a very good one.

day thirty three

12 Sep

1. a happy moment, thanks in part to the postal service

i was walking out of the main train station, dom hauptbahnhof, on my way to work and in a pretty fine mood. it was a completely blustery day and aside from the fact that i was wearing lip gloss that was way too sticky for such a windy day (my hair kept getting stuck on my mouth), i was really enjoying it. it was warm and sunny and the wind was just so strong, it really was impressive. and just as i’m coming out of the station and the gorgeous dom cathedral comes into view (seriously one of the best cathedrals i’ve ever seen), this song comes onto my ipod and i’m looking up at the cathedral as a flock of birds fly straight across my view, curl back up and around and it almost looks like they are dancing to the song and the sunlight was glinted of the already-repaired and shiny bits of the façade and all i could do was smile. gorgeous day, gorgeous life. i’m grateful.

2. i didn’t cry or have a panic attack in class

so today was my first day of work and i was actually less nervous than i thought, which was fantastic. leading up to the class, i was still feeling that kind of anxious, panicky feeling about everything else but teaching. i don’t know why my brain does that. just when i need to focus on one thing, it panics and brings up everything else i need to do in my life. but, i successfully pushed that aside and planned my lessons.

in class, of course, everything came naturally. i had a couple of moments where it seemed like the conversation wasn’t flowing and i had to awkwardly force certain expressions and what not. but, i guess that’s normal. all in all, i’d say it went rather well. and, like i said, i didn’t cry or have a panic attack. so, excellent in my book.

3. back on the couch to 5k

i am completely recommitted and started off well today. to be honest, i felt horrible during the running portion. i don’t think i’ve ever moved so slow in my life and my whole body was screaming at me: what the hell do you think you’re doing to me?? but, i persevered and in the end, of course, i felt great.

i’m looking forward to pilates tomorrow and then my next run on wednesday. i’ve got to get out of week three! i’ve been stuck here for about a month now, and i just don’t move on to week four because i’ve only done two days of week three. so, this week, i will not fail. three full days of week three and next week, week four.



day thirty

9 Sep

1. other people get nervous around other people

i found this on pinterest and re-pinned it, which means that not only did someone pin it, but they found it where someone else had already posted it and someone other than that created it – that means there are at least three people out there who need to be reminded of this phrase. though i probably could have rationally said beforehand that there are other people who are anxious around “the outside world”, it’s nice to be reminded of it. i am grateful for everyone else out there who is like me.

2. savings account!

that’s right, today i started a savings account. which means we are well on our way to being bona fide adults. and that means that the next time i visit my parents, i won’t have to ask my dad to help me out with some miles for my ticket! we’ll have saved for the trip (you know, again, like “real” people). this also means that the next apartment we get can be unfurnished and we can buy furniture and i can finally have the things i want all around me! and we can have babies and not be stressed about supporting them! we can take vacations!

ok, maybe i’m getting a little carried away. we didn’t put that much money in there, after all… but still, i’m very grateful for the start of our little nest egg.

3. another class!

today when i went into my work (i feel so fancy saying that – again, like a “real” person with a job) to plan my lesson for monday, they gave me another class! so now i am a working teacher with TWO classes. impressed? i thought so.

as a side note, i completely forgot to ask when the class starts so i have no idea what time to show up. still impressed? 😦

day twenty eight

8 Sep

the screen in the back was absolutely phenomenal, as was he

1. george michael

not that i really need to say it, but he was just fabulous. his voice is so nice, so smooth – like that feeling of dipping your hand in the cool waters of a small waterfall in a pool or a river: the water as it separates around your hand, so silky. he played for at least two and a half hours and it was just so beautiful with an orchestra behind him. because of the orchestra, it was mainly slower and jazzier and bluesier than what i normally associate with george, and it suited him.

of course, he still threw in a few of the more upbeat favorites as an encore and got everyone on their feet, dancing.

it was really nice for me to be out at a concert, but also to see james enjoy himself. he absolutely loves george michael and said it was the best concert he’s been to.

2. a job!

sweet lord, i’m going to have to start working. sigh. right now, i’m excited about it, but come monday, i’m going to have a panic attack. or two. i really like the school that offered me a class and though they already have a set contracted staff, and i’ll just be working freelance and they’ve only offered me one class so far, it’s a foot in the door and i’d rather have that with a great company than full-time hours with one that will underpay me, underappreciate me and disrespect me, which is all too easy to find as an english teacher. so, i’m very grateful that i’ve got in there and that i can start teaching again. though it’s only one class so far and i’ll still basically be a kept woman, i’m happy to be contributing and to have something to do.

early in the morning, before my job interviews (because that's how cool i am - taking pics of my outfits)

3. waking up early

though i hardly ever do it, unless i “have to”, i just love being awake early in the morning. i like walking around the streets as the city stirs (which is not only a cliché but also an exaggeration as i wasn’t really into the city until 7:30, which isn’t really that early. it’s not like it was dawn…) and holding my hot coffee, knowing that i have the entire day in front of me. and with all that time, i feel like i filled it much more fully than i usually do. not only did i get a lot done today (a job!), but i really felt good about it all – even the things i didn’t get done (the dishes.) haven’t bothered me all day. we’ll see if i keep it up.

and, again, just for good measure:

the opening song: