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day sixty three

23 Nov


1. my very comfy and warm new slippers

it is extremely cold here. i mean, it’s germany after all. i should have expected it, and i suppose i did, but i wasn’t quite prepared. at the weekend, i found these wonderfully soft and warm and lovely slippers and best of all, they were on sale for 10€!

nutloaf, stuffing, peas and spinach, roasted potatoes and of course, salad

2. thanksgiving dinner (even though it wasn’t thanksgiving yet)

tomorrow (thanksgiving), the american women’s club is going to the hard rock café for thanksgiving and they are doing a whole turkey dinner with all the traditional sides. however, being that i’m a vegetarian, i won’t be partaking (i’ll be having a veggie burger and onion rings – suitably “american”, though not very thanksgivingy). so this weekend, james made a roast chicken, stuffing and roasted potatoes and i made my fabulous nut roast and we’ve had leftovers all week! yummy!

3. translation help (american women’s club)

there is so much that i need help with here and i honestly don’t know what i would do without the american women’s club of cologne. especially now that i’m pregnant – there’s just so much i need to know. the doctor gave me all these papers that she has reminded me twice now to read, but of course, i can’t. i’ve even been carrying them around for weeks, but as i wasn’t telling anyone about the pregnancy before, i didn’t know how to get them translated.

anyway, today a lovely german woman who comes to coffee on wednesdays translated all of the papers for me and also gave me a lot of really good advice on hospitals and babies here in germany in general. and i’m so grateful both to her specifically and to the club in general for consistently saving me just when i need it!