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day fifty four

3 Oct

1. crossword puzzles

my husband and i often do crossword puzzles together at night and it’s a lot of fun. sometimes we’re good, sometimes not so much and he always tries to race against our time (which is usually annoying).

it’s been awhile and now we’re getting into bed and we’re going to start one now (as soon as i finish this) which i’m excited about.

2. my husband’s green hoody

i don’t know what it is about this hoody, but it’s more comfortable than anything else i could wear. he wore it to work a few months ago and left it there and i’ve missed it.

i realize, of course, that it’s his and so he can wear it and do what he will with it, and the wonderful part of it is that it’s his. if it were mine, it wouldn’t quite be as comfortable. it wouldn’t smell like him and be as nice to put on, though it would still be big and encompassing.

i’m grateful that he brought it home and that it makes me so comfy and happy.

3. last day of sun

tomorrow, it’s supposed to rain. and i’m pretty sure that after that, winter is coming. even though the entire summer was filled with rain, i’m grateful for the week we’ve had in september (and now october) of nice weather. and if today is the last sunny day for awhile, i’m grateful for it (even though i didn’t go out in it).


day fifty two

1 Oct

1. getting my house back

let me just say first off that i love people visiting, especially family, and it was really nice to have my sister-in-law here and to get to know her better, but there really is nothing like that feeling when you know you are finally alone in your house. it’s so peaceful and just so comfortable. i’m very grateful for this evening, spent alone with my husband.

2. gorgeous end to september

the weather this week has been simply spectacular – better than the whole summer. in fact, we didn’t have a summer at all – but the spring was gorgeous and so far, the autumn has been fantastic too. it’s amazing what a little sun can do for my mood.

3. finished the cheesecake (so i don’t keep eating it)

when people visit, i tend to bake, or cook things in general that i really shouldn’t: pizza, pasta, cheesecake… and it’s all wonderful, until it goes a bit too far. i’ve been pretty good lately, so all the yummy goodies finally made me feel a little sick today. mostly, the cheesecake. which was pretty good, except i haven’t found graham crackers or digestives yet, so the crust wasn’t as good as it could have been. but it was good enough to shove it in my face, and that means that i ate too much and felt sick. diet, back on.


day forty six

25 Sep

1. a day at the races

notice i did not say that i was grateful for winning at the races. because unfortunately, we are not. however, we lost 30€ total, and as there were the three of us, that’s only 10€ each, which is the price of going to the movies, except we were there all day. so, good bargain, really.

and what a day it was! the sun was shining, as it only does when the women from james’s family visit, and according to them, the hot dogs were “slammin”.

we had a great time.

2. james always cooks breakfast

in full disclosure, i should say that this picture is actually from a few weeks ago (and not a very good one – someday i’ll learn that a glass coffee table doesn’t lend itself to photo ops), but isn’t that little birdie egg holder so cute (and a little sad)?

today, james made a full english breakfast (veggie style and sans tomato, obviously) for his sister and i. and i realized tonight, as i was grumbling about having to make dinner (pizza – yum! and oops, sorry, diet) and do the dishes, that i rarely make breakfast. i may cook more in general and clean more as well (but lets face it, i work three hours a week right now), but i always have lounging-in-my-pj’s-on-the-couch time saturday and sunday mornings, and i really, really appreciate that.

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again: i’m so grateful for my husband – for making me breakfast, and for introducing me to a full english breakfast, which i didn’t include a picture of because frankly, they don’t look so good. i think baked beans just don’t photograph well.

3. lying in bed awake when everyone else is sleeping

i think i’ll always be a night owl. granted, it’s only 11:30, so my “night owl” now is waaaaay different from that of the past. but, i still love the night. i love being awake when everyone else (usually just my husband, but now his sister as well) and i’m still up doing things: writing my blog, reading, etc.

when i’m home alone, this is also my favorite time to clean, which is sort of weird. but mainly, i read. and it’s so quite and so dark and it’s the only time when you absolutely know that nothing is going to interrupt you.

of course, this time is much more enjoyable when you don’t have anything to do in the morning. and i don’t work until 5:45 pm and all i have to do before then is bake some cake/cookies/haven’t decided yet to take with me tuesday morning to the stitch & bitch charity event. so, basically, i’ve got all night to read. hotel on the corner of bitter and sweet, here i come (and i hear you’re sad, so i may even get to cry all by myself in the middle of the night – is it weird that i love that?).